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Pearson have opportunities for teachers to become GCE & GCSE Arabic Examiners
Online Tuition Services

Take advantage of our online tuition services available in Maths, English, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) & other subjects. You will be assigned your own personal tutor who will guide you through whatever you need help with. All our online tutors are experts in their particular field. This online tuition is conducted by email, Skype, MSN or telephone.

Your personal online tutor will provide you with explanations, exercises, corrections, worked examples, exam technique, advice, tips and more. Some students find online tuition a more flexible and cost-effective way of studying. They appreciate the convenience of being able to learn exactly when they have the time or the inclination and not being tied down by the fixed time of a face-to-face lesson.

Online tuition is also available in all foreign languages (see www.languagesforyou.co.uk).